Hydroseeding is a grass planting process that is fast, efficient, and economical.  The process is faster as well as more effective than conventional seeding and certainly more economical than conventional sodding.  The process begins by mixing mulch, seed, fertilizer, and water in the tank of a hydro-mulching machine.  The mixed material is then pumped from the tank and sprayed onto the ground. The material is often referred to as a slurry, much like a soupy batch of green paper-mâché. Once applied to the soil, the material enhances initial growth by providing a micro-environment beneficial to seed germination.   The quality of the grass is influenced by the quality of the surface being sprayed.  If the area to be treated is smooth and well manicured, the grass surface will grow in smoothly.  Many golf courses are often hydroseeded to get the smoothest surface possible.  The process is also weed free, whereas most grass seeds are produced with a minimal amount of weed to promote quick coverage and to prevent the seed from running off in a heavy rain.  HydroSeeding will keep the seed in place without the use of weed material.